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Digital Color for Color Management Tutorials

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Interactive Digital Color Tutorials With Java Applets

These interactive Java Applets introduce basic color and computer science in a visual format. They illustrate fundamental concepts that can be used for color manipulation and digital image picture processing. They present material tailored for digital photographers and artists, without drowning in the detail required by a computer scientist or physicist!. If you are planning to attend our Introduction to Digital Color Management Course, exploring this material would be good preparation (although certainly not required). The Applets are best view in sequence, as each builds on concepts developed in previous pages. If your web browser will not display the applets correctly, see the Java help page.

01: The RGB Color System - Additive Color.

02: The HSV Color System - A More Intuitive Way to Work with Additive Color.

03: HSV as a Transformation of the RGB Color System.

04: The CMY Color System - Subtractive Color.

05: Links to External Sites Providing Interactive Tutorials,

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