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HSV as a Transformation of the RGB Color System

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The objective meanings of Hue, Saturation and Value are themselves defined in reference to the RGB Color System. Mathematically speaking, the HSV Space is a "transformation" of the RGB Space. Value refers to the intensity of the color contributed by the Red, Green and Blue components combined. Hue is defined by the dominant Red, Green or Blue component. Saturation refers to the extent that the dominant component - has greater intensity than the other components. A desaturated color approaches gray because none of the components dominates. This is somewhat simplistic. These ideas are elaborated on in our courses. For now, experiment with the applet on this page to get a feel for how the RGB and HSV Color Spaces can be thought of in terms of each other.

Again, try to match a color of an object you have in front of you, or a color that you can see on the screen. First use the RGB sliders. Reload this page in your browser to reset all the sliders to zero. Now try to match the same color with the HSV sliders. Watch how the values for RGB change as you manipulate the HSV sliders, and vice versa ...

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