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Introduction to Color Management - Course Outline

Introduction to Color Management - Course Outline

08:00amOptional Informal Discussion. Early Arrivals welcome. A chance to flag any specific Color Management problems are having (and to meet your fellow students over tea & coffee!).
09:00amStudent Registration & Outline of Formal Instruction.
09:30amSession One. Theory: Setting Up a Color-Managed Workflow (Operating-System & Non-Operating-System Considerations).
10:50amBreak for Morning Tea (Tea & Coffee provided).
11:10amSession Two. Theory: CRT & LCD Monitor Calibration. Both Hardware & Software calibration techniques examined.
12:30pmBreak for Lunch. A Meal is served. Optional Hands-On Practical Exercise: Our equipment is available for Notebook LCD Calibration.
01:30pmSession Three. Theory: Scanner, Digital Camera and Printer ICC Profile Considerations. Use of Test Patterns with various Embedded ICC Profiles. Hands-On Practical Exercise: Comparison of digital photos with differing embedded ICC Profiles.
02:50pmBreak for Afternoon Tea (Tea & Coffee provided).
03:10pmSession Four. Theory: Using MacOSX ColorSync with Digital Cameras, Monitors and Printers. Hands-On Practical Exercise: You're turn to use ColorSync.
04:30pmEnd of Formal Instruction. Optional Informal Discussion. Late Departures Welcome. Feel free tp apply your newly gained knowledge by calibrating equipment you have bought or testing out techniques on my equipment. You can reflect on the course content or discuss further your specific Color Management issues with myself or fellow students.
08:00pmYour instructor must bid you good-bye ... Regeneration required!

Things to Bring When You Attend the Course

[Apple Mac PowerBook]

Remember to bring your Digital Camera, Inks and Paper Samples. Write down the brand, name and model number of any products that you use, including but not limited to: printers, scanners, papers, inks, your computer hardware and the version of the operating system that you are running.

Remember also, that if you bring your notebook, you are welcome to free calibration with our equipment during the lunch break!

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