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Introduction to Color Management Course - FAQs

Who can benefit by attending the introductory course?
What knowledge and practical skills will take home?
Which operating systems are supported?
What will I actually do on the day I attend the course?
What qualifications and experience instructor have?
What take home materials are included?
Why choose Imaging Associates over the competition?
Where is the course held?
How Much does the course cost?

Who is this Course For?(Back to Top)

Are you a professional digital photographer who needs to satisfy the demands of a publisher or advertising agency for a consistantly reproduceable photographic product?
Are you moving from film to digital photography and needing help to setup a reliable "workflow" based on sound Color Management principles?
Are you an artist frustrated that Color Management complexities are getting in the way of your creativity?
Do you work in Digital Film, Video or Animation and need to produce still promotional photographs that accurately reflect your work?
Would a firm grasp of Color Management theory give you the foundation to solve your own Color Management problems as they arise?
Are you a an artist in a non-digital media needing to create digital archives that faithfully reflect the artist intent of your work?

If any of the above describe your situation, our Introduction to Digital Color Management Course will be a great benefit to you.

What Knowledge and Practical Skills Will I Take Home?(Back to Top)

By the end of the course, you know how to do, have seen demonstrated and/or actually done the following:

Identify whether Color Management is being performed by the Operating System or Application Software, and resolve conflicts between them.
Use Apple Mac OSX Colorsync or Microsoft Windows XP Professional "Color Control Panel Applet" for Calibration of LCD and CRT Monitors.
Locate ICC Profiles created by various sources within the Operating System.
Calibrate LCD and CRT Monitors using Apple Mac OSX "On Screen Calibration".
Calibrate LCD and CRT Monitors using Microsoft Windows XP Professional "Color Control Panel Applet".
Calibrate LCD and CRT Monitors for different White Balance but consistant Gamma.
Calibrate LCD and CRT Monitors using a neutral grey background with Test Patterns.
Calibrate LCD and CRT Monitors to achieve optimized flesh-tones.
Calibrate LCD and CRT Monitors with a variety of Test Patterns.
Observe and perform "On Screen Calibration" using Adobe Photoshop Test Greyscale & Color Bar Images with differing embedded ICC Profiles.
Observe and perform calibration of LCD and CRT Monitors using our Gretag Macbeth hardware calibrator.
View Test Patterns and Images using Apple Mac OSX Preview, Adobe Photoshop and Graphics Converter applications and locate the ICC Profiles being used.
View Test Patterns and Images using Microsoft Windows XP Professional Picture and Fax Viewer.
Perform Soft Proofing using New Monitor Calibration, New Printer Calibration and a Paint Sample.
Print out Test Paterns and Images with differing embedded ICC Profiles and various grades of Paper (Students are encouraged to bring a sample of paper they use regularly for comparison).
Manipulate Color Images using Histograms.
Manipulate Color Images using Curves.
Manipulate Color Images using the RGB and HSV Color Systems.
Gain Understanding of Color Management at the System Level as it affects the use of Digital Cameras and Scanners.

Which Operating Systems are Supported?(Back to Top)

Full day courses are available for either Apple Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows XP Professional. We will advertise a particular day as Mac or Windows day. On a Windows day we will focus on material specific to Windows XP Professional at the exclusion of material relevant to Apple Mac OSX and vice versa. (Note that Mac Classic and earlier versions of Windows are not explicitly supported, but you may get some benefit from the theoretical sessions).

What Will I Actually Do on the Day I Attend the Course?(Back to Top)

The course has both theoretical and practical compoments. It is run over a full day with time allowed before and afterwards for informal discussion and experimentation with our equipment. Read the Course Outline for a detailed breakdown.

What Qualifications and Experience Will My Instructor Have?

The Introductory Course is run by Andrew Reid (Professional Background). (Back to Top)

What Take Home Materials Are Included?(Back to Top)

All course participants receive a CDROM including illustrated Course Notes.

Why Choose Imaging Associates Over the Competition?(Back to Top)

Imaging Associates run courses in a small group environment where your personal experiences and problems really count. We are delighted when a students problem forms the basis of a practical exercise. Read more about why our course is different.

Where is the Course Held?(Back to Top)

All courses are held at "The Studio" in the relaxed atmosphere of beautiful "Poverty Peak Cottage"

How Much Does the Course Cost?(Back to Top)

See our Price List. (Note: Discount available for group bookings.)

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