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The Quick 'n' Easy Online Dead Pixel Finder (Full Screen Mode)

Click the button to the right, to run the applet in Full Screen Mode. To grant permission for the applet to fill the entire screen, you must accept the digital certificate issued by Imaging Associates International. For more information about why, see here. IMPORTANT! To exit Full Screen Mode press the ESC Key.
You need to the Java Plugin in order to run the Dead Pixel Finder Applet.

For full instructions, see the main page for Quick 'n' Easy Online Dead Pixel Finder.

To fix Stuck Pixels on your LCD monitor, use the The Quick 'n' Easy Online Stuck Pixel Exerciser.

About Running Quick 'n' Easy Online Dead Pixel Finder in Full Screen Mode

The Quick 'n' Easy Online Dead Pixel Finder and The Quick 'n' Easy Online Stuck Pixel Exerciser Applet are built using Java Applet technology from Sun Microsystems. Java Applets are run by the Java Plugin inside your web browser. Java Applets are built from the ground up to be safe and secure. When Quick 'n' Easy Online Dead Pixel Finder Applet and The Quick 'n' Easy Online Stuck Pixel Exerciser Applet run in full-screen mode they take over your entire screen. Taking over the entire screen could be abused by unethical advertisers, so as a standard security precaution that is built into the Java Plugin, you will be prompted to grant the applet permission to enter full-screen mode. The simplest thing to do is "always trust" applets signed by "Imaging Associates International".and grant them " full permissions". For more detailed information about granting security permissions to Java Applets and about running Java Applets in general, see our Java Help Page.

Disclaimer of Liability

Imaging Associates make no guarantees about the the free online tools available on These tools include: Quick 'n' Easy Image Resizer Applet, Quick 'n' Easy Dead Pixel Finder Applet, Quick 'n' Easy Stuck Pixel Exerciser Applet, and any other web-based tools found on Specifically, Imaging Associates make no guarantee about the safety, effectiveness, or suitability of the online tools for any particular task, and can offer no warranty of any kind regarding their use. By choosing to use any of the online tools, you assume the entire responsibility for any damages caused by their use.

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