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Help with Running Java Applets and Applications

Basic Requirements for Running Java Applets

To display the applets on this website, your web browser needs the Java Plugin that is part of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) from Sun Microsystems. To display the applets correctly, three conditions must be met:

  1. The JRE must be installed.
  2. The JRE must be of a sufficiently recent version.
  3. The Java Plugin must be enabled.
And for applets that load and save files to and from your local hard drive, such as our
Image Editing Tools a fourth condition must be met:
  1. The Java Plugin must be granted necessary security permissions.

How to Check if Java is Installed and Enabled

If the JRE is installed and the Java Plugin is enabled, you should see a purple box below containing a message of the form "Java Version: VERSION_NUMBER".

Java is not installed or not enabled.

If the message in the purple box states that your JRE is version 1.4.2 or later, the applets should run correctly. No further action is required.

If the message above states a version number lower than 1.4.2, the applets may run but may not run correctly. Upgrading to the latest version is recommended. Click the "Java - Get It Now" button below to visit to download the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) from Sun Microsystems.

If the message above states "Java is not installed or not enabled" or there is no message (the box is empty or there is no purple box at all), check "Settings" or "Preferences" in your web browser. If Java is not enabled, enable Java and reload this page. If you still cannot see a message of the form "Java Version: VERSION_NUMBER", click the "Java - Get it Now" button below to visit to download the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) from Sun Microsystems.

Granting Security Permissions to Java Applets

The Java Runtime Environment has a security built-in to its core. This is to protect you, the end user, from programs written my people with malicious intentions. It can result in warning messages that may appear intimidating at first, but are simply a standard part of the security system.

Java Applets run with "restricted security privileges". This means they are prevented from doing things that may cause you harm - for example, deleting files on your hard drive. But sometimes, Java Applets need to potentially harmful things in order to be useful to you. For example, our Image Editing Tools need to load and save images to and from your local hard drive. So you are required to "grant security privileges/permissions" to the Java Applet.

When one of our Java Applets that needs to access your hard drive, is loading, you will be prompted to grant it the necessary permissions. A popup window will explain that a "signed applet" is loading and that it requires "grant permissions" to continue. These applets are signed using a digital signature issued by "Imaging Associates International" - that's us! The simplest thing to do, that will allow the applet to work without bothering you with popups asking for permissions, is to "always trust" and "grant full permissions".

A full explanation of the Java Applet security is best left to Sun Microsystems, the creators of Java technology. If you are concerned about using our online tools, you may want to read more about Java security using these links to Sun Microsystems:

Applet Security
Security Restrictions
Java Security Evolution and Concepts, Applet Security

Getting the Java Runtime Environment including the Java Plugin

Click the icon below to download and install the Java Runtime Environment:

[Java - Get It Now]
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