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CalibrationAider - Free Monitor Calibration Software

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Windows or Mac OS X

CalibrationAider is Cross-Platform Monitor Calibration Software and runs on Microsoft Windows Windows 1.1.0 128KB e8d6c97d1b1a853b722bbd3c56a53fec DOWNLOAD

CalibrationAider is Cross-Platform Monitor Calibration Software and runs on Apple Mac OS X Mac OSX 1.1.0 152KB a296159dd1a5dc70e807a9e5ea91ced2 DOWNLOAD
CalibrationAider is Cross-Platform Monitor Calibration Software and runs on Linux and Other Java-Enabled Operating Systems Other OS 1.1.0 96KB a3781dd599c7006fa0ea189cd6eac1a2 DOWNLOAD

CalibrationAider - Getting Started

To get started, check that your system meets the hardware requirements and software requirements, read more about the purpose and features of CalibrationAider, view screenshots, review the release history of CalibrationAider, subscribe to our news feed for news about updates to CalibrationAider, read about other free software from Imaging Associates, read our freeware iicense agreement or proceed to DOWNLOAD your free copy of CalibrationAider.

CalibrationAider - About

CalibrationAider helps users realize the full potential of their computer display device. Use CalibrationAider to create a consistant, reproduceable viewing environment with an optimal viewing angle, screen resolution, and maximized range of colors. Ideal for digital photographers who need to set up a color-managed workflow, or home users who want to display digital photos to best effect. Displays built-in test patterns and allows the users to import their own images. New test patterns will be added in future versions. Includes a complete user guide and access to an online tutorial. The tutorial shows how to use the test patterns during monitor calibration and explores concepts important to digital image processing and color management in general.

Test patterns built into CalibrationAider:

  • 8 Bit Grayscale Staircase (8 Bit Linear)
  • 8 Bit Grayscale Gradient (8 Bit Linear)
  • 8 Bit Grayscale Staircase and Gradient Combination (8 Bit Linear)
  • 8 Bit RGB and Grayscale Staircase (8 Bit Linear)
  • Solid Colors
  • TV Color Bars (EBU)

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please email software (at) imagingassociates (dot) com (dot) au. Help us to make the next version of CalibrationAider more useful for you!

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